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Care of our Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles 

     For the first part of their journey, the Toy Poodle or Miniature Poodle puppy is born in our home. Here we keep a watchful eye on the mom and the puppies providing extra supervision, love and care. We give the Mom all the care she needs with extra love and attention - yogurt, vitamins, homemade treats and food and water is available all the time. Our moms only have one litter a year or sometimes every second year.

     In-between litters the moms live the life of luxury enjoying being indoors and outdoors and are a family pet. We do this to ensure the mental and physical health of the moms and we believe it encourages a loving mom.

     Our breeding pairs have been genetically screened and the results indicate they do not pass along any poodle related genetic diseases. We do this to ensure the puppies are as healthy as we could possible raise them to be. 

     When the puppies are about 8 weeks old  they see our licensed Canadian Veterinarian for a thorough health examination, Canadian Kennel Club microchipping and their first set of the 5-way vaccination. Additionally, they receive regular deworming.

     They are ready to begin the second part of their journey at approximately 9 weeks of age. Safe and proper placement is important to us at I Ador Kennel so all potential adoptees are screened, and interviewed to ensure they are a good match and make a good home for the pup. Our goal is that each puppy go to a safe, loving, happy and respectful home and become part of the family. 

     Here at I Ador Kennels we follow strict biosecurity measures as outlined by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency, the provincial Veterinarian and our own Veterinarian. Unfortunately, due to animal and bird diseases and health concerns onsite visits are not encouraged, however, we offer virtual visits with FaceTime or Zoom, video clips and photos.

Sharing ideas....

We are always looking for ways to improve our care so if you have some great ideas please share them with us.

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